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History of Paulaner

Paulaner Bräuhaus is a restaurant located on Shluzovaya naberezhnaya where the legendary Bavarian beer is brewed.

 Paulaner Bräuhaus is situated at where Shluzovaya naberezhnaya crosses Sadovoe Koltso. It is the first restaurant-brewery in Moscow of the famous German beer brand Paulaner. The massive oak beams on the ceiling, metal chandeliers, brick pillars, wooden furniture and pictures of Munich of 20th on the walls an Paulaner Brauhaus interior resembles the interior of the factory. Although the restaurant is a factory, the beer factory. Huge fine polished draughts is what attract customers. This is the territory of the Munich brewer Raphael Heron. Every night he brews legendary Bavarian beer and controls the fermentation process of this amazing drink. He proudly shows guests a huge stainless steel tanks, which store 26 tons of freshly brewed unfiltered beer - light, dark and wheat, and also shares the knowledge of the right beer foam.

On the basis of the product №1 Paulaner Bräuhaus restaurant offers different cocktails with lemonade, elderberry syrup and cherry liqueur. Regular guests can purchase the company branded beer mugs which they can store the special wooden racks in the restaurant. Waitress in Bavarian style uniform offer Munich, Krainer, Nuremberg, Thuringian sausages snacks. Stewed cabbage, pork shank and neck, Viennese schnitzel is also the main parts of the menu. 12 years experienced chef Maxim Ryzhkov from St. Peterburg operates the menu.

Whatever you want - to have a beer with friends or a family dinner-there are for your pleasure the main hall of the Paulaner Bräuhaus or the spacious 4-level porch right on the roof. Different plants, wooden furniture, German food, a legendary beer and relaxed atmosphere will make you feel like you are in a traditional Bavarian beer garden. You will also have an amazing view to Moscow – river.

History of Paulaner - Paulaner Brauhaus Moscow Paveletsky