Seasonal Beers

Seasonal Beers

Our special seasonal beers

We offer various special beers depending on the season. Our popular special Paulaner varieties have been the benchmark of unrivaled quality for many years.

Oktoberfest Bier

Paulaner Oktoberfestbier is brewed in accordance with the traditions of the first Oktoberfest of 1810. Bright golden color, rich and clean taste. Original wort extract: 16%, alcohol: 6.2%


Rauchbier, a barley beer with smoky aftertaste, bottom fermentation. Malt for our beer was smoked on beech logs, which gives it a specially smoked aroma. Dark amber color. Original wort extract: 13.6%, alcohol: 5.5%

Weihnachten bier

Christmas Offer

Our winter seasonal dark beer is a bokbir made from roasted barley caramel malt. Beer texture is very velvety, viscous. On the palate there is a soft bitterness with notes of buckwheat honey, chocolate and caramel. The extract of the initial wort: 16%, alcohol: 6-7%

Hefe-Weißbier Dunke

Dark wheat, marked by the holding of Wurstpati (Birthday of the Munich Sausage) and the celebration of February 23. Festive mood with Bavarian music, fun and refreshments. Light notes of chocolate and cocoa are read in beer, which are then harmoniously combined with wheat malt and noble aromas of fried malt. Beer with biceps. Unfiltered, courageous, vigorous. But at the same time soft and pleasant to the taste. That is why it is ideal for various dishes of our restaurant. Dark chestnut color. Original wort extract: 12.6%, alcohol: 5.5%


Spring offer on the eve of Holy Sunday (Easter) and May holidays and the opening of the summer terrace

The composition includes six types of malt and three hops, including the famous Munich Hallertau. Thanks to this, the beer has a rich malt flavor, a pleasant, refreshing bitterness with an aftertaste of floral honey. Ground-fermented barley beer. The color is dark amber. Original wort extract: 16%, alcohol: 6.0%


Summer offer. It’s nice to remove thirst with him on a warm veranda on a warm evening

This is a light bottom-fermented barley beer with a characteristic beer aroma and bright hop flavor. Named after the Czech city of Pilsen. Thanks to a special hop variety, CITRA has a bright fresh bitterness with an aftertaste of citrus (grapefruit, pomelo) and flowers (chamomile). The color is golden straw. Original wort extract: 13%, alcohol: 5.0%

«Weissbier Red»

We brew this beer specially for City Day. Features: Five types of malt, including Karaamber and Karared, giving a distinctive color and originality to beer. Taste and aroma: aroma of banana, peach, clove with caramel and malt notes in the taste of Brick-red color. Original wort extract: 12%; alcohol: 5.4%